Signs to Know If a Girl is Not Interested in You

How To Know A Girl Is Not Interested In You
How To Know A Girl Is Not Interested In You

Brown once met a lady at a birthday party. He took up a dance with her and she was all excited. So he thought it was a green light. Oops! She turned him down after so many attempts he made for several months. Now, it’s very simple. Brown was ready for a relationship but he never took the time to watch out for the signs that the lady wasn’t emotionally ready for a relationship.

Just like Brown, a lot of guys think all ladies would eventually give in to their advances, but this is not true. Do you even know if she hasn’t gotten over the man she dated for over 5 years? Even if she agrees to date you, what about her emotional involvement? You need to watch out for some signs so you stop chasing a girl that is not interested in you.

Here are some important signs that are red signals for you to back off:

  1. She already told you

It is really ridiculous that even after some ladies would say it bluntly that they are interested, some guys would still want to convince them to accept their request. Listen, when a lady says that, she actually meant that and it’s a clear sign for you to back off.

  1. You do all the calling and texting

See, ladies easily show they care when they are into you. You don’t have to do all the calling and texting. She would call back, text you back and engage in long conversations with you. But if she feels reluctant to do this, dude, you need to quit the chase.


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How To Know A Girl Is Not Interested In You
How To Know A Girl Is Not Interested In You
  1. She’s flaky

Now, talking about hooking up and fixing dates, a girl that is interested in you wouldn’t flake out all dates. If she constantly says no whenever you suggest a date, it clearly shows that your chase will never become anything. Just look elsewhere.

  1. She gets bored with your concerns

Does she show excitement whenever you talk about your accomplishments maybe at work or somewhere? When a girl forgets the details or gets bored when you talk or flirt with her, she clearly does not want you. Can you confide in her? Does she want to know more? These are some signs to look out for. If you don’t get the attention or support that you need from her, it shows she’s not really interested in you.


How To Know A Girl Is Not Interested In You
How To Know A Girl Is Not Interested In You
  1. She tells you she loves her freedom

Ladies are more open about their feelings that we guys. So you need to pay attention to the little details. Imagine a girl saying “I desire my freedom more than any relationship” it clearly shows she doesn’t want anything serious. If she really likes you, she would want to be with you more, than to be free.

  1. No talk about the future

If a girl likes you, they will always mention doing things with you in the future. But whenever you raise topics concerning you two, watch out for her body reactions. Does she turn deaf ears or seem uninterested? It’s a sign that she doesn’t want to spend a future with you. So be wise.

Remember if you don’t want her to automatically lose interest totally in your and whatever that concerns, Never Say These Words To Her. They might seem innocent, but they are not.

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Last words

Not all ladies you show interest in are actually interested in you. Sometimes she may not be emotionally ready or she just doesn’t have a flare for you. So guys, be wise! Use the signs above as a check to save your time and effort. Remember this code SWSWSWSW. It means-“Some will some won’t so what someone is waiting.”